3 Places To Buy a Breckenridge Condo Under $400,000 Right Now

Breckenridge Condos For SaleBuying a condo in Breckenridge is a whole lot different from buying a detached single-family home. Along with finding the perfect living space that fits all your needs and wants, you’ll also need to factor in what amenities you prefer, how much you’ll want to pay in HOA dues, and of course the building or complex location—and that’s even before you’ve started to think about price! And if you’re someone who’s only looking for a vacation or seasonal condo, price is probably the most important element of all.

The good news, however, is that Breckenridge’s condo market is usually quite robust, depending on how much you want to spend of course. But if your budget only allows for about $400,000 max, options can sometimes be limited, which is why you may just want to start your search at these 3 locations:

River Mountain Lodge

Probably our favorite place to look for affordable condos in Breckenridge, River Mountain Lodge has it all. It’s situated right in the heart of Breckenridge and only a few short steps from tons of restaurants, shops, and breweries, and did we also mention it’s affordable? Definitely give condos for sale at River Mountain Lodge a look and you won’t regret it.

Liftside Condos

As a slope side complex that sits right at the base of Breckenridge Ski Resort, there’s hardly a better option for seasonal condo buyers to consider than the Liftside condos. And given you you might also find a studio condo or two listed at Liftside at any given time, it’s also a place that’s cost-effective on nearly any budget.

Park Meadows Lodge

The overall vibe at Park Meadows Lodge just screams rustic cabin, which is perfect for the Breckenridge setting. Many also consider it to be one of the more affordable places to buy a condo in Breckenridge. Although given it’s not one of the biggest condo communities in town, it’s not always easy to find something available here either.

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