3 Tips for the Perfect Winter Home Sale

Here are 3 easy tips to help you sell your Summit County home this winter.

Conventional wisdom says summer is the best time of year to sell your Summit County home. While summer is definitely the busiest time of year to buy or sell a house in the mountains, that doesn’t mean you can’t sell in winter! Even if it’s freezing and snowing, you can still get a great deal for your house; you just need to put in a little work. Here are my best tips to help you get your home market-ready for the winter months:

1. First impressions matter. First impressions matter in real estate - both from the exterior and interior. It's important how a buyer sees your home from the outside when he or she first drives up and upon entering for the first time. Make sure your driveway is clear of snow and buyers have a clear path to your front door. Also, consider a pre-listing home inspection so we can make any necessary repairs to items you may not know have become a problem.

2. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The cold and snowy weather can feel a bit grey outside, but this gives your home a chance to show off! Consider lighting subtle candles to give your home a nice smell and add some extra light. You may want to play some calming music as well. Finally, make sure you keep the heat up to a comfortable temperature for your buyers so they feel cozy as they view your home.

3. Let in as much light as possible. The sun is lower in the sky and we have shorter days in Colorado during the winter. Winter isn’t exactly known for its abundance of natural light, which is why lots of it will make your home really stand out. Open all the curtains and blinds, turn on the lights, and consider using candles to brighten your property up.

It is possible to get a great deal for your home any time of the year - as long as you know what steps to follow. If you're thinking about selling your Summit County home, please call or email me. We also created this Summit County Seller Resource Guide with 12 videos to help you prepare your home or condo for a sale. We're always happy to help!

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