Breckenridge Thai Massage, the ancient healing art of Thai Massage

Thai massage is traditionally done on a mat on the floor. Unlike other massage modalities, the recipient wears their own comfortable clothing during the massage. Thai Massage for the Table is a clever modification of the Traditional Thai Yoga Massage style dating back to the time of the Buddha about 2500 years ago. Thai massage is an ancient healing art that is still widely practiced today and helps individuals cultivate a more balanced and peaceful life. This methodology is all about creating awareness, openings and space in the body and mind.

With extensive roots in traditional Chinese medicine and the Indian Healing arts of Ayurveda and yoga, Breckenridge Thai Massage offers a preventative approach to health. This unique style of massage combines techniques such as reflexology, acupressure, passive stretching, meditation and aromatherapy. Thai Massage is different from many other massage styles in that it works the spaces between the bones and tendons – the connective tissue, energy lines, nervous system and fascia. I found it to be a wonderful experience that helps transform the body, mind and spirit into a place of relaxation and peace.

The many benefits of receiving Thai Massage from Breckenridge Thai Massage include lengthening of the muscles through progressive, assisted stretching, an increase in the joint’s range of motion, improved immune system and circulation, a more balanced flow of energy in the body and a balanced nervous system and a general relaxing of muscle tension throughout the body.

For more information about Breckenridge Thai Massage, please contact Todd Ghorai by text message or phone at 970-453-1166 or by email. Todd is currently offering a special introductory promotion of $65 for a 90 minute Breckenridge Thai Massage. Enjoy the benefits of thai massage from the comfort of your Breckenridge vacation lodging. And remember... Don't keep your DREAMS on hold! Begin your Breckenridge real estate search today.

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