Budweiser International Snow Sculptures in Breckenridge

Last week, the Tiger Dredge parking lot was transformed to hold over a dozen 12-foot tall blocks of snow, each weighing twenty tons. Starting this Tuesday, January 21st, the annual Budweiser International Snow Sculptures will kickoff. The competition includes 16 teams from around the world will descend upon Breckenridge with snow tools in hand. They will start sculpting away at the snow, little by little, until they have created a masterpiece. The one rule is that no electrical tools are allowed -- everything must be done by hand.

The teams at the Budweiser International Snow Sculptures will be carving until January 25th, creating gravity defying pieces. At 10 am on Saturday, the judging will begin. Make sure to place your vote for your favorite snow sculpture! Paying $1 dollar gets you a vote. All proceeds go to the Budweiser International Snow Sculpture. The final pieces will be on display until February 2nd. But don't wait until the end. They will only be available to see depending on Mother Nature. If the temperatures get too warm, the snow sculptures will be taken down, just as magically as they appeared. The best time to view the Budweiser International Snow Sculptures is in the evening. They will be illuminated in a magical way by LED lights, giving them a whole new life. Thousands of people will come to see the amazing masterpieces that are built during the week-long Budweiser International Snow Sculpture.

Make sure to park and stay a while when you come to Breckenridge. The town offers free three-hour parking on most side streets, along with free parking at the Airport Lot, which offers a free shuttle to town from 10 am to 6 pm. The town has a lot of other fun activities to enjoy as well! Main Street is lined with boutique shops and some great restaurants. I hope that you can make it Breckenridge to experience the fun.

Budweiser International Snow Sculpture

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