3 Cabin Design Ideas: Unique Cabin Architectural Styles That Attract Airbnb Guests

3 Unique Cabin Designs That Do Great on AirbnbAirbnb took the real estate world by storm after it was founded in 2008. Since then, Airbnb hosts have continued to get more creative with their housing offers. A short-term rental business that once started out with people renting small rooms within their homes to strangers has now turned into something magical. Guests can now search for particular types of unique lodging, including cabins. Cabins make great short-term rentals because they can be ski homes or quiet mountain getaways. Here are 3 creative Airbnb cabin designs that guests love to book, photograph, and tell their friends about.

Classic A-frame Cabin

A-frame cabins make for a stunning post on Instagram when you're traveling. Because of how photogenic this cabin is, it rose in popularity on Airbnb. A-frame cabins are great for couples and small groups of people. Typically, wood is used on the sidings of this style of Airbnb cabin. The roof material is up to the builder for what they prefer to use. These stylish homes have a classic alpine look, making them a top consideration when buying an investment property.

Beaver Log Cabin

Second, on the list of creative Airbnb cabin designs brings us to the beaver log cabin. These cabins offer a sense of cozy familiarity with their classic log cabin style. For people who constructed toy cabins as children using Lincoln Logs, these structures look like the real-life version.

The siding of beaver log cabins is usually made with long, rounded pieces of logs. These logs are stacked perpendicularly on top of each other as the square shape of the cabin takes hold. The entire base of the cabin is designed this way up until the roof gets placed on top. The pointed ends the log pieces aren't shaven down. Instead, they are left as they were cut to appear like a beaver chomped through a tree.

The raw appearance of beaver log cabins is a major draw for potential guests. Constructing a beaver log cabin is easier than other cabin designs once you get momentum creating the base. Before diving into the construction of this cabin, review the local short-term rental laws in your area. Certain cities require a vacation rental permit to rent out the cabin to short-term guests legally. Operating Airbnb rental properties is more challenging with widespread regulations against vacation rentals.

Stone Cottage Design

Pivoting from the wood materials from the first two designs, the stone cottage is a unique way to attract Airbnb and VRBO guests. Stone cottage cabin designs look like mini castles. They create a renaissance type of experience for travelers and vacationers staying in these structures. When traveling with kids, these Airbnb homes are fun places to book as your lodging.

Building a stone cottage is a different process compared to wooden cabins. There's less room for error. If certain stones aren't properly aligned with their neighboring stones, the structure can eventually shift. Ideally, when you roll a marble across the floor in a recently built cabin, it doesn't roll too fast to one corner of the room.

Major shifts in the stone walls of these cottages can eventually lead to fierce cracks. Don't panic if you see major cracks through the walls of your cottage. These can happen naturally over time. However, if the cracks persist, consider bringing out a concrete specialist to see what repairs may be needed. Foundation issues can also cause cracks in the walls. Pay attention to any crack that you see and monitor how serious the issue is or is not.

Invest in a Cabin to Start Your Short-Term Rental Business

Airbnb guests are demanding more uniqueness out of their lodging when traveling. A simple, plain hotel room can work for the budget traveler. However, for most others, they are seeking the type of lodging that offers a unique experience by simply staying there. Maximize your vacation rental income by buying a property that truly stands out on the market.

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