Get Ready for Ski Season With These Easy At-Home Exercises

Ski season is finally here once again, and after a long summer wait, the last thing you want to happen is to injure yourself on your first day back on the mountain. As you prepare to rush out to the slopes, remember that the muscles you’ll be using may have sat dormant the entire off-season. Therefore, you’ll want to safely prepare your body to begin using them again. You’ll also want to avoid waiting until the last minute to begin preparing, or you’ll be sore before you even strap on your boots. A great regiment to prepare for ski season includes utilizing these five key exercises:

  • Lunges: A great exercise for balance and strength. Begin with your feet together, step forward with one leg creating a 90-degree angle with that leg, repeat 10-20 times with each leg.

  • Aerobics: Most injuries occur when you’re tired or out of shape. Preparing your cardiovascular system for extended endurance is crucial in avoiding injuries sustained from tiring out. Examples of exercises that build stamina are; jogging, jump-roping, and bicycling.

  • Planks: This is prefect for strengthening your core. Start by lying on the floor, raise your body up so that you’re resting on your toes and elbows, hold position for 60 seconds. Do not allow your hips to dip.

  • Sit-Ups: A classic but effective tool for strengthening abs and chest muscles, which you use more than you realize when you’re out skiing.

  • Squats: Place a bar on your shoulders, stand with feet shoulder-width apart, and dip as low as you can while staring straight ahead. This will go a long way later when you’re out bending your thighs and legs while out on the slopes.

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