How New Tax Laws Could Reshape Colorado's Vacation Homes

Senate Bill 33: Understanding its impact on Colorado’s short-term rentals.

As the debate around Senate Bill 33 heats up in Colorado, both homeowners and renters are keenly watching to see its potential impact on short-term rentals across the state. Introduced by Senator Chris Hansen, Senate Bill 33 aims to address the housing shortage in high-demand areas by increasing the tax rate on properties used for short-term rentals from 6.7% to 27.9%, aligning them with commercial property rates. However, this proposal has sparked significant discussion and concern among property owners and the tourism industry alike.

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0:00 — Introduction

1:02 — What is Senate Bill 33

1:31 — Why was it introduced?

2:19 — Who does it affect?

2:48 — What are the ramifications?

4:18 — The rival bill

6:29 — I’ll keep you informed

6:56 — Reach out with your opinion

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