July 4th in Breckenridge a Big Hit!

It might take several months to get the true economic numbers in from the July 4th Celebration in Breckenridge.  But word on the street, from officials and residents, is that this year's Fourth of July weekend drew record crowds and that parade drew the largest crowd in recent years.   It seemed like there were parties happening on every corner!

According to Kim DiLallo, the communications director forthe Town of Breckenridge, "It definitely felt to me that attendance was record breaking, but that would just be a feeling,"   Compared to last year, many store owners are claiming it was much busier.  The owner of Mountain Tees, Cabin Fever, and Arctic Attitude, Chuck Struve, said that this was his best July 4th weekend in the last 10 to 12 years.

Some shop owners are claiming that the upswing in sales was because Fourth of July landed on a Friday, making it a perfect excuse to getaway for a long weekend.  In addition, the Front Range temperatures were scorchers and many like to escape to a little cooler climate.  This year, there was just enough cloud cover in Breckenridge to keep people in town versus venturing off on the trails.

And finding a place to stay last minute might have been difficult.  The July occupancy numbers may come close to December totals, based on bookings, according to Bill Wishowski, the vice president of the Breckenridge Resort Chamber and Breckenridge Central Reservations.  As of June 15th, the lodges managed by Breckenridge Central Reservations were forecasted to be 90 percent of capacity for the July Fourth weekend, with last minute reservations adding about five more percent. Through the end of July, most weekend occupancy numbers are at about 80percent of capacity.

It appears that July 4th in Breckenridge was a great one!  If you missed the opportunity to celebrate in the high country this year, put it onyour calendar for 2015.

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