Team Breckenridge Wins International Snow Sculpture

The 24th annual Budweiser International Snow Sculpture took place this last weekend.   Fifteen teams transformed 12-foot-tall, 20 ton blocks, over 65 hours of carving in 5 days, these blocks of snow were turned into stunning works of art.  Only hand tools were allowed to be used and no internal support holds up snow.  

The results are in and Team Breckenridge won first place in this year’s Budweiser International Snow Sculpture!  The name of the piece was “Winter’s Fun”.  It illustrates a father and his son, along with their dog, as they tube down a hill that was created by the Norse god, Ullr.   Tom Day, Partner/Broker at Breckenridge Associates Real Estate, was a member of the team.  He has been carving for 19 years and said that this year piece was by far the best one.  The team spent the last hours, overnight, putting the final touches on the piece, filling in spaces, and removing the snow from the pavement. 

The second place winner in the Budweiser International Snow Sculpture went to team Germany.  Their piece was called “Apecheta — The Source Where the Flow Begins.”  This sculpture depicts a stone cairn, which is trail marker and holds a spiritual meaning in Incan culture.  It was a gravity defying piece!  The third place finish went to Team USA-Wisconsin.  Their piece was named “Wander” and feature a Monarch butterfly carved out of snow. 

The winning teams of the Budweiser International Snow Sculptures do not receive any prize money, but they receive free lodging and food during their visit, along with travel stipends.  They also receive a medal and recognition from the international snow sculpture committee. 

The snow sculptures will be on display in the parking lot behind the Riverwalk Center until February 2nd, weather permitting.  Make sure to come to Breckenridge to witness these amazing snow sculptures.  

Breckenridge First Place Finish

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