Top 3 Questions About the STR License Moratorium

Answers to three common questions about the new STR license moratorium..

 We have received question after question since we released our last video covering the Summit County government’s temporary moratorium on short-term rental license applications. That’s why we want to answer the top three questions on this topic today:

1. Does the new moratorium mean I have to stop renting my property? Absolutely not. Everyone who has an existing short-term rental license is allowed to continue renting under that license, and if it needs to be renewed, you can still renew it. They are not trying to take away existing licenses; they’re imposing a nine-month pause on new ones.

2. Is my license renewable? Yes! If you have a license, you should continue renewing it. If it ever falls out of active status, there’s a chance you might not be able to reapply.

 "You can still buy a short-term rental property in Breckenridge."

3. Are there no properties available to purchase today and apply for a license? That is not the case. There are properties you could buy today, submit an application for, and receive a short-term license. These properties are in areas that have been clearly outlined on the Summit County government website. Those areas include Keystone, Copper Mountain, Tiger Run, some of the areas around Peak 8, Skiwatch Condos, and some single-family homes in the Four O'Clock Run area.

We also have some properties that are exempt from this moratorium in Breckenridge, but they tend to fall into the resort category. Imagine condos that are run like a hotel. If you own one of those and haven’t been renting, you could apply today.

If you have additional questions about this moratorium, call or email us. We’d love to help keep you informed on these changes.

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