Why You Should Buy a Breckenridge Home With a Steam Shower This Winter

Imagine having your own personal sauna right inside your bathroom shower stall. Along with the benefits to your skin and respiratory functions, there’s no waiting in line at a health spa. The spa sauna experience is available to you whenever you desire! Whether you just want to relax in a cloud of soothing mist, recover from illness, or chase away a deep winter chill after a long day out on the slops, a steam shower allows you sit, press a button, and enjoy the effects right inside the comfort of your own home.

How does a steam shower work? The design on a steam shower is generally straight-forward which makes the functionality easy for any person to use.When you want to draw steam, most designs allow you to simply hit the digital control in the shower, triggering a valve to fill a generator with cold water. The generator’s electric element then brings the water to a boil state. A pipe channels the hot vapor to the steam head or disperser, which fills the entire stall with a tropical soothing moisture.

How much water is it using?A steam session of 20 minutes consumes only 2 gallons of water. With that utilization rate, steaming is a "green" way to bathe. Steam shower units are sized based on the stall's volume in cubic feet, its shape, and how it’s lined. For example, an average stall of 160 cubic feet, covered with ceramic tile requires at least a 7-kilowatt generator. For a stall tiled in stone, you'll likely need twice the steam-generating capacity. Depending on the materials and size of your stall, this can certainly save on water use-age in addition to providing a luxurious in-home spa experience.

What functions do you look for when shopping for steam shower?                                 

  • Delivery speed- Higher quality models should take less than 60 seconds to build up clouds of steam.
  • A Remote Control- Easily allows you to adjust steam, time, or temperature
  • Auto-Flush- which reduces calcium deposits on the heating element saving you from a manual flush-out after every 50 uses.

Where do I find installation information? Check out the following manufacturers; AmerecMr. SteamSteamist, and Thermasol, and then consult with a trusted contractor and plumber.


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