Buy Then Sell Your Summit County Home

If you already own your home or condo here in Summit County and you’ve been thinking about "right sizing" to fit your changing needs, you may have a few concerns about listing your current property for sale in order to purchase your replacement property.

Given the limited inventory of available properties, how long will it take you to find just the right replacement home?

What if you sell your current home before you find your replacement home? Will that leave you homeless?

Will the seller of your dream home be willing to accept your offer if it’s contingent upon the sale of your current residence?

These are just a few of the concerns we’ve heard from Summit County homeowners who would like to either purchase more home or less home because of their changing family dynamics.

If this sounds like you, then we may have the perfect solution for you! We’ve partnered with a talented local Summit County lender who is offering a "Buy Then Sell" program that allows you to pre-qualify for a non-contingent offer to purchase your dream home BEFORE we list and sell your current home.

This program eliminates many of the worries you have about selling your home before you find your perfect replacement property.

Want to learn more? Get started today!

Benefits of the Buy Then Sell Program:

  • Unlock the equity in your current home
  • Guarantee your home sale with a cash offer
  • Make a non-contingent offer in this competitive market
  • Receive a free home inspection of your current property
  • Eliminate multiple moves!
  • Stage your home after you move out for best appearance
  • Close within 30 days!
  • No out of pocket expenses

Use our free home estimate tool to determine your property value in today’s market.

To learn more about how the "Buy Then Sell" program might help you achieve your real estate goals here in Summit County, contact us today or give us a call at (970) 409-4787.